Arts Facilitation

WAHC Connects Unions to Artists

We encourage union locals to work with artists to produce community arts projects that address issues of importance to the local. The arts can be a useful tool to bring members together, to celebrate a union’s history, milestones and achievements, communicate campaign issues to members, be a mobilizing tool and everything in between.

There are many fantastic artists that know how to work with union members and understand the issues that working Canadians are facing. Our Program and Exhibitions Specialist, Sonali, is able to help put unions in touch with artists as well as provide some support to apply for funding from the Ontario Arts Council’s Artists in the Community/Workplace program.

Additionally, we created a resource manual for how unions can work with artists, and is available here for free download: Making Art Work manual.

For more information, please contact Tara Bursey, Executive Director at 905-522-3003 x 23, or