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Everything comes together at the table

May 12, 2023 - August 21, 2023

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Make A Poster, Become an Activist

In conjunction with their installation, Everything Comes Together at the Table, artists Lynn Hutchison Lee and Ingrid Mayrhofer invite you to create a design for a poster, banner, card, flyer or other visual communication tool.

Postering and flyering are important tools of the solidarity movement. These materials can be shared today via paper or by email and social media.

Artists and activists within CDGUA -- the Committee for the Detained/Disappeared in Guatemala -- and the Red Tree Artists’ Collective designed many posters, flyers and cards in the eighties and nineties in solidarity with relatives of detained/disappeared political activists in Guatemala. These materials were often created collectively during meetings around their kitchen tables. These activist materials were anonymous. Nobody signed their work at the time. To find out more about this history and the inspiration behind the campaign, read the pdf workshop guide or request access to the jam board session.

Try your hand at kitchen table solidarity

Create a poster or other visual that informs, educates, or commemorates the Guatemalan people’s struggles for human rights, then and now! Draw, paint, print by hand or cut and paste or create a digital poster through AutoDraw.

Now share your design with us

Please sign your artwork and share it with us and on your own social media. Email your creations to redtree@sympatico.ca or solidarity@wahc-museum.ca. Of course, in addition to posters that address human rights in Guatemala, we welcome submissions that draw attention to current issues in Canada and beyond. 

Poster submitted by Zoë Hayn-Jones


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