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National Advisory Council
Call for Applications

The Workers Arts and Heritage Centre “aims to preserve, honour and promote the culture and history of all working people”, both as a historical reality, a present lived experience, and in future imaginings. In keeping with WAHC’s national mandate we have recently created a new National Advisory Council, and we are seeking applications for membership. The council is intended to build labour, labour history and social justice networks – including fundraising, consciousness raising, information sharing, and history building.

We hope to expand how labour is understood, and to deepen the understanding of the lives of working peoples, from coast to coast, in cities and rural areas, with special emphasis on our four traditional stakeholder groups: Arts, Community, History and Labour.

  • By ‘artist’ we mean anyone who works in the arts: artist, performer, writer, composer, curator, arts educator, administrator, employee of an arts institution etc.; in any arts discipline (visual, music, theatre, film, media, writing, comedy, etc.)
  • By ‘community’ we mean anyone who represents an aspect of the diverse peoples in our community, and who shares a passion in advancing the mission and vision of WAHC
  • By ‘history’ we mean anyone who works, formally or informally, on research or promotion of the history of all working people
  • By ‘labour’ we mean anyone who is active in the union movement (public sector, private sector or in the building trades) or who is active in worker justice issues

The responsibilities of the Council include:

  • Consulting with WAHC on labour issues, events, and cultural programs occurring within the region.
  • Providing historical context for labour within their region.
  • Seeking to increase understanding of labour, and its place in Canada past and present.
  • Working with WAHC on digital histories, and possibly events, conferences, exhibitions, and the like, on a regional, provincial and national scale.
  • Increasing social networks, including possibly some fundraising networks.
  • Having those networks reflect our commitment to issues of diversity, including race, cultural identity, national origin, sexual expression, gender identity, class, age, ability, or citizenship.
  • Meeting either in person or remotely, twice a year or as needed.

The expectations of Council members include:

  • Understanding and demonstrating a commitment to the organization’s mission and programs
  • Keeping up to date with issues and trends that affect the organization
  • Preparing for meetings by reading agendas, minutes, reports and other documentation required to actively participate in them
  • Attending meetings regularly
  • Contributing skills and knowledge by participating actively in meetings
  • Making inquiries when clarification or more information is needed
  • Providing necessary context, clarification, and information, while building new labour and artist networks across regions.
  • Avoiding any potential conflicts of interest
  • Understanding and maintaining confidentiality

WAHC is committed to ensuring a diversity of perspectives, and encourages applications from indigenous people, persons with disabilities, people from racialized or racial minority communities, immigrants and refugees, Francophones, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered or Transsexual people, and women.

If you are interested in being a part of the National Advisory Council please submit a statement of interest briefly outlining your background and experience. Resumes or CVs are also welcomed. Please indicate which stakeholder group (outlined above) you are a member of, and if you identify as a member of an equity-seeking group.

Please submit applications to by August 31, 2018