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You’ve read What Do I Need to Know? – so what’s the next step? Please fill in the booking form below to request a rental booking, and we will get back to you once we’ve reviewed it. For large event rentals such as weddings, anniversary parties etc, we will want to meet with you to ensure that we are an appropriate space for your event. Please note that we have limited number of bookings for such large events. If you have any questions about our facility, please contact

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(Subject to the capacities for the venues set out under the Ontario Fire Code)

Set-up Elements:

WAHC has an inventory of tables, chairs and assorted elements for event purposes. The RENTER will be responsible for augmenting this inventory if their needs surpass WAHC’s ability to provide materials.

WAHC requires that RENTERS obtain a LLBO permit to serve alcoholic beverages. Permits should be purchased 30 days prior to an event and are the responsibility of the RENTER. The purchase of alcoholic beverages and bartending services are the responsibility of the RENTER.