Spaghetti & Raffle

WAHC is 25 years old this year and so is our annual Sam Lawrence dinner! It has traditionally been a chance to sit down together over good food and friends and raise money for WAHC's important work. Did you know that SAM started as a spaghetti dinner fundraiser 25 years ago?

Since we can’t gather in person this year, we’re going back to its roots with a DIY, virtual twist! Here's how to participate:

  • Have spaghetti* in the comfort of your own home anytime during SAM 25, between November 6th-30th. (This is an awesome opportunity to pull out your old family recipe or support your favourite local restaurant!)

  • Check our zine for custom music playlists, recipes, and tips to make your meal even more special!

  • Make an optional donation to WAHC in celebration of SAM 25 and help support our next 25 years.

  • Take a photo of you enjoying your spaghetti dinner and post it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtags #SAM25Spaghetti or #WAHC25years. Tag us too! Each hashtag and tag counts as a free entry** to win one of our 3 awesome raffle prizes this year!

* We're interpreting spaghetti very loosely! You can make zoodles or pizza or whatever dinner you want and still participate!
** We appreciate your donation, but donating is optional and not required to be entered into the raffle or to participate in SAM 25.

Each of our 3 raffle winners gets this awesome prize pack!