Youth Council

WAHC’s youth council is a vibrant group of young people aged 16-29 who are passionate about labour, art and social justice. Youth council members serve one-year terms which begin each fall and end in the summer. They meet monthly, sometimes biweekly during busier periods, with support from WAHC staff. The council organizes collaborative critical events and projects while in community with others integrating issues related to labour, social justice and art.

We’re currently looking for new members for the 2021-2022 youth council! Are you 16-29, interested in art, labour history and social justice? Please email Sonali at Our first meeting will be later this fall.

Meet the 2020-2021 WAHC Youth Council






Alyssa Donato (she/her) is a fourth-year Mcmaster student in Public Law and Judicial Studies. This is her first year on WAHC’s youth council. She’s passionate about advocating for workers’ rights and is looking forward to future projects with the youth council.









Dafna Godovich (she/her) is an aspiring museum worker who is currently a grocery store worker unionized with UFCW 175. She’s interested in making museums more accessible to communities and fantasizes about the radical futures of museums! In her spare time, she loves learning languages, currently Arabic.









Devika Nair (she/her) is a fourth-year undergraduate student at McMaster University majoring in Honours Labour Studies, and minoring in Political Science. She strives to educate young and marginalized workers on contemporary labour issues. Devika’s interests are occupational health and safety, employment law, union representation and activism, and human resources management. 









Kevin Sylvester (he/him) is in his 4th year of Labour Studies at McMaster University. He is very interested in workers’ rights and the history of work in Hamilton and Canada. With the youth council, he hopes to bring awareness to injured workers and workers’ rights. Kevin loves football, cooking (especially steaks), and enjoys learning new things every day.









Kim Mitchell (she/her) is a 4th-year student studying Labour Studies at McMaster University. Kim has a range of labour interests, specifically related to prevalent issues experienced by migrant workers. While working with the Youth Council, Kim hopes to bring awareness of workers’ rights and responsibilities to youth. In her free time, Kim loves trying donuts and drinking lots of coffee.









Sophia Gambale (she/her) is a student at McMaster University and is majoring in Labour Studies and minoring in Business, with the intent to pursue a career in Human Resources. She is passionate about worker rights, equality, and justice. Sophia is always willing to speak her mind and advocate for what is just in the world.









Tania Robinson (she/her) is an undergraduate history student who is interested in pursuing law and labour activism. She is interested in law because she wants to help people access and assert their rights to protect themselves from unjust treatment. She also hopes to use her career path to change the nature of work in a way that appreciates and values all workers. She enjoys reading, spending time with her two cats, and cooking.








Lea McCartney (she/her) is a second-year Labour Studies and Political Science student at McMaster University. She is passionate about workers’ rights and is planning to minor in Women’s Studies. She currently works in food service and enjoys exploring the trails of Hamilton with her dog.